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I'm a Senior at Harvard College, studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Before college, I grew up in Milan, Italy, where I graduated from Liceo Classico Istituto Leone XIII. I competed in the Italian Olympiads in Informatics at the regional level, and I was involved in club swimming, club running, and Ancient Greek theater. I also spent a year as an exchange student at Vashon Island High School (Vashon, WA), where I was part of the Varsity XC Team and was Captain of the Varsity T&F team.

Me today

At Harvard, I am currently working in Prof. Minlan Yu's lab, doing research on computer networking. My previous research experiences include work on computer systems (with Prof. Eddie Kohler at Harvard), distributed systems (with Prof. Ion Stoica at UC Berkeley) and machine learning (with Prof. Andrea Bonarini at the Politecnico di Milano).

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Alma Mater: Harvard University
  • Education: Bachelor of Science (exp. 2021)
  • Major: Electrical Engineering (ABET)
  • Minor: Computer Science
  • Interests: ditributed systems, databases, cloud computing, systems for ML
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Python, Java, Lua, P4, PHP, Swift, Stata, AMPL, ROS, Mathematica, MATLAB, LaTeX
  • Natural Languages: Italian (native), English, Latin, Ancient Greek

Thanks to my travels and my studies, I'm fluent in Italian and English, and I am also proficient in Ancient Greek and Latin. In addition to engineering, I am enthusiastic about reading, outdoor activities, traveling, and flying planes.


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Gabriele Oliaro

Harvard Senior with research experience in the fields of computer networking, serverless computing, distributed systems and machine learning.

  • 28 Dewolfe St, Cambridge, MA
  • (508) 638-8226


B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Minor in Computer Science

2017 - 2021

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

GPA 3.8/4.0

Relevant Coursework: Big Data Systems (grad) • Advanced Computer Networks (grad) • Operating Systems • Systems Programming and Machine Organization • Machine Learning • Mathematical Programming & Optimization • Computer Architecture (expected, Spring 2021) • Data Structures and Algorithms (expected, Spring 2021) • Probability • Discrete Math for CS • Linear Algebra • Multivariable Calculus • Signals and Systems • Feedback and Control • Circuits and Electronics • Electronic and Photonic Devices • Quantum Physics • Econometrics.

High School diploma in Classics

2012 - 2017

Istituto Leone XIII, Milan, Italy

Final Grade: 100/100

Main Coursework: Ancient Greek, Latin, History, Philosophy, Literature

Exchange Student

2015 - 2016

Vashon Island High School, Seattle Area, WA

GPA 4.0 (unweighted)

SAT Subject Tests: 800 (Math II), 800 (Physics), 800 (Latin)

Professional Experience

Undergraduate Researcher with Prof. Minlan Yu

Sept. 2020 - Present

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

  • Design and implement a low-overhead in-band network telemetry framework for programmable switches
  • Implement a distributed filtering mechanism, together with a change-detection data-structure to filter out redundant network telemetry
  • Improve the INT framework to minimize the reports sent to collectors
  • Write an undergraduate thesis (work in progress) with title “Probabilistic In-band Telemetry CHeckER (PITCHER)”

Undergraduate Researcher with Prof. Ion Stoica @ Real-time Intelligent Secure Explainable systems (RISE) Lab

June – August 2020

University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

  • Improved the throughput of cluster-computing framework Ray by pipelining the submission of tasks to worker nodes
  • Used a work-stealing mechanism to rebalance work among worker nodes
  • Tested the code, measured performance, and committed to Ray’s GitHub repository, which has 14K stars as of December 2020
  • Designed a poster and presented the summer project at the Fall 2020 Poster session @ Berkeley RISE Lab
  • Presented the work with a poster at the Fall 2020 Poster session at the RISE Lab

Undergraduate Researcher with Prof. Eddie Kohler

May 2019 – June 2020

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

  • Developed a user-level networking stack for Lua adapting open-source library picoTCP and integrating it with Lua’s coroutine-based multitasking. Wrote code to help support live migration of Lua-based FaaS without interrupting active TCP connections
  • Designed a benchmarking suite to measure network metrics such as throughput and latency and facilitated optimization of such values
  • Design and implement a single-threaded, multiclient HTTP server in Lua that can be live-migrated and that supports the WebSocket protocol
  • Wrote and debugged large codebase in C, C++, Lua and Python.
  • Secured funding to help support the project by successfully applying for a Harvard College Research Program (HCRP) grant
  • Co-authored a paper submitted to NSDI ‘21 (currently under review)

Teaching Assistant with Prof. David Malan

Aug. – Dec. 2018

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

  • Served as a Teaching Assistant for Harvard’s Introductory Computer Science course, CS50.
  • Lead weekly 1h15min-sections to a group of ~20 students, held office hours, graded problem sets and exams
  • Participated in the organization of course-wide events such as a CS50 Puzzle Day, a CS50 Hackathon and a CS50 Fair, where students showcased their final projects.

Undergraduate Researcher with Prof. Andrea Bonarini @ Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab (AirLab)

May – Aug. 2018

Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Milan, Italy

  • Contributed to a ML framework to enable moving robots to detect and track people in their surroundings
  • Designed and implement a detection algorithm based on a mixture of gaussian processes (MGP)
  • Trained the detection algorithm using LIDAR data from a custom-designed robot named Tryskar
  • Wrote code in Python and C++ to interface with ROS


Here are some of my most recent (or not so recent) projects

Chickadee OS

A Linux-like multi-core kernel

LSM-Tree based KVS

A write-optimized NoSQL key-value store

Let's Meet

An iOS app to help students meet peers who are available to study, eat lunch and do other activities

SGAST (Series Graphing and Solving Tool)

A Java app to helps high school and college students learn infinite series.

New York City - A Photobook

An Apple iBook with photos from NY



28 DeWolfe St, Cambridge, MA 02138


+1 (508) 638-8226

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